SFWPC envisions a San Francisco in which people who self-identify as women are prominent in the political spheres of influence.

Our mission is to endorse, empower, and elect people as candidates for local office who self-identify as women and those who share our values. SFWPC champions policies and candidates committed to advancing intersectional feminism, racial justice, gender equity, and equitable systems and structures through participation in the San Francisco political process. We provide an advocacy and political network to build a bench of diverse women+ candidates, activists, organisers, and leaders who will advance these goals at every level of governance and beyond.

SFWPC Values:

  • Championing Intersectional Feminism. We acknowledge that we live in a patriarchal society in which systems, structures and policies were unfairly created to serve and benefit white men. In addition to the fight for equity with men, there are various intersections of racism, sexism, and transphobia resulting in women of color and trans-women facing greater disparities and systemic barriers. Not all policies are designed to uplift all women, and we are committed to fighting for equitable and inclusive policies that uplift marginalized women. 
  • Fighting for Racial and Social Justice. We live in a racist society and are committed to changing that reality by using the vehicles and tools at our disposal to make measurable change. From our mission statement, our bylaws, our board members, the actions we take, and the candidates we support. Therefore, anti-racism is central to everything SFWPC does. 
  • True Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We are cultivating a community that is equitable and inclusive and actively works to bring in leaders, members and participants with diverse voices, lived experiences and views in every possible scenario. 
  • Committed to the Education, Empowerment, Advancement of People Who Identify as Women. SFWPC demystifies the systems, structures, people and organizations in San Francisco politics for people who identify as women as well as our allies through opportunities that empower people to learn about and participate in the political process locally. Our goal is to empower more people who identify as women and to seek out positions on local commissions, in local government, and to bring a diverse array of voices and perspectives to create policies that uplift the most marginalized communities and women in San Francisco. 
  • Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Ethical Conduct. SFWPC holds itself to the highest standard in terms of how we lead. We treat each other, our members, our community and our partners with respect. We always operate ethically and with integrity and hold ourselves and the organization accountable  to our mission, vision and values everyday.

Established in 2002, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) is the largest women’s organization in San Francisco with hundreds of active members of all ages and political parties, both female and male.

SFWPC works to engage women in all dimensions of the political process. We are committed to elevating women into positions of leadership including elected office, boards, commissions and management positions. We are politically active and endorse candidates of all genders, as well as ballot initiatives. We produce the only women’s slate card in San Francisco. We actively advocate for policy improvements that support gender parity and strive to cultivate partnerships with other women’s organizations.  We also host some excellent parties throughout the year.

SFWPC is multi-party, general purpose committee run by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets every month.

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