SFWPC June 2018 Endorsements

SFWPC is proud to announce our official endorsed candidates and measures for the June 2018 Primary Election!
Thank you to all of the candidates, campaign representatives and members who were involved in this process.

London Breed

District 8 Supervisor
Rafael Mandelman

State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 4
Andrew Cheng

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 7
Maria Evangelista

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 9
Cynthia Lee

San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Seat 11
Niki Solis

Local Ballot Measures

Prop A, PUC Revenue Bonds – Yes

Prop B, Appointed Board Members and Commissioners Seeking Elective Office – Yes

Prop C, Universal Childcare and Commercial Rent Tax – Yes

Prop E, Repeal of Ordinance Banning the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products – Yes

Prop F, City-Funded Legal Representation For All Residential Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits – Yes

Prop G, Parcel Tax to Fund Teacher Salaries – Yes

Prop H, Use of Tasers by San Francisco Police Officers – No

Prop I, Relocation of Professional Sports Teams – No recommendation

Regional Ballot Measures

Regional Measure 3 – Transportation Funding Through Increased Tolls – Yes

Statewide Candidates

Board of Equalization, District 2
Malia Cohen

State Ballot Measures

Prop 68, Parks, Environment, and Water Bond – Yes

Prop 69, Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox and Appropriations Limit Exemption Amendment – Yes

Prop 70, Vote Requirement to Use Cap-and-Trade Revenue Amendment – No

Prop 71, Effective Date of Ballot Measures Amendment – Yes

Prop 72, Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessments Amendment – Yes

*Prop D, Additional Gross Receipts Tax on Commercial Rents – No result reached 50%+1 so it will not appear on our materials.


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