SFWPC PAC Recommendations for November 2018 Election

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee’s Political Action Committee (PAC) recommendations for the November 2018 elections are as follows:

Gavin Newsom

Attorney General
Xavier Becerra

District 2 Supervisor 
Dual Recommendation – Schuyler Hudak and Catherine Stefani

District 4 Supervisor *
Gordon Mar

District 6 Supervisor **
#1 Matt Haney
#2 Christine Johnson

District 8 Supervisor
Rafael Mandelman

District 10 Supervisor 
Shamann Walton

Board of Education***
Alison Collins
Monica Chinchilla
Li Miao Lovett

Community College Board of Trustees
Thea Selby (Early endorsed)
Brigitte Davila
Dr. Victor Olivieri

Public Defender
Jeff Adachi

Carmen Chu

BART Board of Directors, District 8
Dual Recommendation – Melanie Nutter and Janice Li

Local Ballot Measures

Prop A – Yes

Prop B – Yes

Prop C – Yes

Prop D – Yes

Prop E – Yes

State Ballot Measures

Prop 1 – Yes

Prop 2 – Yes

Prop 3 – Yes 

Prop 4 – Yes 

Prop 5 – No

Prop 6 – No

Prop 7 – Yes 

Prop 8 – Yes 

Prop 9 – Yes 

Prop 10 – Yes 

Prop 11 – No 

Prop 12 – Yes 

* Statement on SFWPC’s recommendation for District 4 Supervisor

For the first time since 2006, the race for District 4 Supervisor is without an incumbent. While the SFWPC endorsement committee supports qualified women – and specifically young women of color such as Jessica Ho – running for office, in this instance candidate Gordon Mar’s depth of experience and extensive knowledge working on the issues most important to District 4 voters make him the clear choice for District 4 Supervisor.

Should Jessica Ho be successful in her election,  the SFWPC Board would be thrilled to work with her on issues impacting District 4 residents.

** Statement on SFWPC’s recommendation for District 6 Supervisor

Matt Haney- recommended first place endorsement
From his work as a member on the Board of Education, to his role as a member of the Board of Directors for Emerge California, Matt is a prime example of a strong male ally to the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, and would make an excellent Supervisor for District 6. We are excited to recommend him as our first place candidate.  

Christine Johnson- recommended second place endorsement
Our second place recommended candidate Christine Johnson would be a strong advocate on the Board of Supervisors. As long-time housing policy expert, Christine has a reputation of focusing on the details and impacts of legislation regarding housing and childcare, among other issues facing the city.

However, the endorsement committee continues to have concerns regarding her position on parental notification for minors seeking an abortion — a position she did not clarify to the committee’s satisfaction during her endorsement interview. We hope to work with her on this and other reproductive justice issues in the future, and are still proud to recommend her as our second place candidate for District 6 today.

*** Statement on SFWPC’s recommendation for Board of Education
The race for three seats on the Board of Education includes several qualified and impressive women. While the endorsement committee is thrilled to recommend Alison Collins, Monica Chinchilla, and Li Miao Lovett, we also note two outstanding candidates to whom we wished to give honorable mentions.

Faauuga Moliga has walked his talk on behaving intentionally as a male ally, in particular the need to address toxic masculinity and the role of men in the women’s movement. A San Francisco native and SFUSD alum himself, Faauuga has been a leader empowering hundreds of young women within the SFUSD system and promoting programs surrounding campus sexual assault which include conversations around toxic masculinity and proactive consent.  Should Faauuga prevail in his race, SFWPC would be thrilled to work with him to further this critical work.

Michelle Parker brings a wealth of experience as a PTA leader, which would serve her well on the Board, and would compliment the skill sets of the candidates recommended by the SFWPC endorsement committee. If Michelle should not be successful in her race, and an additional spot opens on the Board of Education after the November Election, the SFWPC Board recommends to Mayor London Breed that she be a top contender for the vacancy.

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