Apply Today: SFWPC 2022 Board

We are officially accepting applications for our 2022 Board! Applicants will be considered for both Board Co-Chair and Committee roles. Submit your application via this form by midnight on Saturday, November 13.

We will be conducting interviews the week of November 15-19, 2021. Interviews will be 30 minute virtual sessions with current Board members.

SFWPC: Who We Are + What We Stand For

This year, in the wake of the racial justice awakening of 2020, SFWPC underwent a significant transformation which shifted the organization to focus exclusively on intersectional feminism and champion policies and focus on issues that impact women+ at the intersections of race, sexuality, gender identity, class and accessibility. 

We shifted long standing traditions to focus on making an impact for women+ who are the most marginalized, introduced a Pay it Forward membership to invite in members experiencing financial hardship, and started to speak out on issues that disempower and threaten women+, including violence against women, Asian hate crimes, Black Lives Matter, sexual abuse and threats to reproductive freedom

We have come a long way this year and plan to continue making progress, changing culture and deconstructing barriers in 2022 by sharing information, hosting programming and networking opportunities, advocating for good policy, and endorsing and supporting candidates who align with our mission, vision and values. Please join us in doing this work by applying to the 2022 Board.

We want to ensure our 2022 Board is as diverse and representative of San Francisco as possible. Please apply today and share this post with people who identify as women or non-binary who may be interested in doing this work as part of our organization, too.



2021 San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Board

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