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June 2016 Ballot

A message from the Board: 

This past weekend, our Political Action Committee met with candidates on the June ballot. Below are our recommendations to you, our general membership, and we invite you to cast your vote at our event this Thursday.

But before you review our recommendations below, we want to call your attention to something we think is really important:

We are recommending more female candidates on one ballot than ever before – including all 24 seats for the DCCC.

Wait. It’s 2016 – how is that possible? But it’s true. One of SFWPC’s core values is to support and elevate women to positions of power and leadership, but we don’t rubber-stamp endorse every single female candidate on the ballot – we take many factors into account, including qualification for the office sought, past commitment to issues that impact women and families, and demonstrated record of mentoring and elevating women to positions of leadership.

We are lucky that in San Francisco, we have no shortage of male candidates and elected officials who demonstrate strong commitments to supporting and empowering women and the causes important to us. We have supported many such male candidates in the past and will do so again in the future.

But for this June’s primary, we saw something very different on the ballot and in our PAC endorsement interviews this past weekend.

This June, voters will elect 24 members to the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC).  The talk of the town in recent weeks has been the sheer number of candidates running – 60 total, running for 24 seats.

But we saw something else unprecedented.

In that field of 60 candidates, half are women.

Not only is this an unprecedented number women running and more women running than seats available, it is an amazing field of smart, talented, respected, and hard working women that represent the diversity of San Francisco. It is perhaps the most impressive group of women, from well-seasoned current DCCC members to first-time yet well-qualified candidates, that we’ve seen run for DCCC since SFWPC was founded nearly 15 years ago.

Our Political Action Committee sat down to talk with these candidates over the weekend and were universally impressed by each and every woman we met. We are inspired and excited that so many of these women have a demonstrated ability to roll up their sleeves and serve, organize, and empower their communities. We also see a promising, growing group of women currently serving on the DCCC who we’d love to see run for other positions in this city someday.

That is why the PAC made a conscious decision to recommend to our membership an all-female slate of DCCC candidates.

Every endorsement process is political. But when presented with such a deserving group of candidates — some progressive, some moderate, all hard working and well qualified – we must stay true to our values and our purpose as an organization. These women are already doing amazing community building work, and the San Francisco Democratic Party would be lucky to have any or all of them leading the party.  Our membership doesn’t always agree with our recommendations — that’s certainly part of the democratic process, but we hope that, no matter whether you lean progressive or moderate, you can agree each of these women is the kind of candidate this club was created to help empower and elect. We hope you agree and will support our PAC committee’s recommended candidates. They are each certainly deserving.

Please reach out to the SFWPC Board members if you have any questions or feedback. We love hearing from you. 

 Join us THIS Thursday for SFWPC’s


from 5:30pm – 7:30pm 

at Redford (673 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102)

 Come out this Thursday 3/31 to vote for SFWPC’s endorsements for the June 2016 election with special guest: SF Board of Supervisors President London Breed! 

WHAT: Membership Endorsement Vote – June 2016 Ballot 

WHEN: Thursday, March 31 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm 

WHERE: Redford Bar|Eat, 673 Geary Street

 All members who are current on their dues and have attended at least 3 events in the past year – prior to the mixer – are eligible to vote.  

For questions about your qualifications to vote, please email kelly@sfwpc.org

RSVP here 


State Senate, District 11 

Jane Kim 

State Assembly, District 17

David Chiu

State Assembly, District 19

Phil Ting  

SF DCCC, District 17

Alysabeth Alexander

London Breed

Malia Cohen

Petra De Jesus

Zoe Dunning

Pratima Gupta

Frances Hsieh

Jane Kim

Sophie Maxwell

Leah Pimentel

Rebecca Prozan

Alix Rosenthal

Melissa San Miguel

Cindy Wu

SF DCCC, District 19 

Kat Anderson

Brigitte Davila

Sandra Fewer

Mary Jung

Hene Kelly

Leah LaCroix

Myrna Melgar

Emily Murase

Rachel Norton

Marjan Philhour

Superior Court Judge, Office No. 7

(Dual Recommendation) Sigrid Irias & Victor Hwang


Ballot Measures 

District Measure

Measure AA: Yes 

San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program 

Local Measures

Prop A: Yes

Bond: Public Health and Safety Bond

Prop B: Yes

Charter Amendment: Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund

Prop C: Yes

Charter Amendment: Affordable Housing Requirements

Prop D: Yes

Initiative Ordinance: Office of Citizen Complaints Investigations

Prop E: Yes 

Initiative Ordinance: Paid Sick Leave

Action Alert: San Francisco clinics need your help!

Stand up with Planned Parenthood for a woman’s right to access reproductive healthcare without harassment or intimidation at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on Thursday, October 23 at 1:00pm. RSVP today.

As you know, patients who approach our health center on Valencia Street in the Mission must regularly face protesters who shout insults, take pictures as they enter the building, and make wildly inaccurate claims about abortion and birth control.

On October 23, a Board Committee will vote on new patient protections sponsored by San Francisco Supervisor David Campos. We need to show our support so that the harassment stops NOW in San Francisco.

Join us! Let’s fill the chamber with as many supporters as possible.


ACTION ALERT! Support Angela Chan For Reappontment to the Police Commission

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee is concerned about the effort to block the reappointment of Angela Chan to a second term on the Police Commission. We urge you to read our letter of support below and contact your supervisor to support Angela.

Dear Members of the Board of Supervisors,

On behalf of the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, I am writing to extend our highest recommendation for the reappointment of Angela Chan to the Police Commission. Angela was unanimously nominated by the Rules Committee for a second term to this important commission. Her nomination is scheduled to come before the full Board of Supervisors for a vote tomorrow, April 29th. We are writing to urge you to vote “yes” on her reappointment.

SFWPC is the largest and most active women’s political organization in San Francisco. We are committed to elevating women into positions of leadership including elected office, boards, commissions and management positions. Women make up over half of society and thus, women must be equal partners in all areas of the political process.

As a police commissioner for the past four years, Angela has been a role model for other women, particularly women of color, to take leadership roles. Although other good candidates may have been introduced in the Rules Committee, there was nothing presented as to why Angela should not be reappointed. In cases like this, it’s critical for our City’s leadership to put their votes where their rhetoric is in terms of gender parity and make sure that women that have the interest, ability, and track record to be reappointed are not cast aside for men with the same credentials.
Angela plays a key role on the commission in giving voice to the concerns and needs of underrepresented communities, including women, immigrants, and people of color. She has worked hard to represent the interests of San Francisco residents in having a fair and transparent police department that prioritizes community policing.

Currently, there are three women (including Angela), and three men on the Police Commission (and one seat that has not been filled). Angela has an excellent attendance record, has worked hard to engage community members on improving community policing, and has been accessible and supportive to diverse members in the police department including African American, Asian, and female police officers. Her record on the commission strongly qualifies her for a reappointment and will help maintain gender balance on the commission.

For these reasons, we urge you to reappoint Angela Chan to the police commission. Thank you for your consideration.

Laura Hahn
President, SFWPC

Please contact the members of the Board of Supervisors to urge them to reappoint Commissioner Chan before today’s hearing.

John Avalos, District 11
Phone: (415) 554-6975
Fax: (415) 554-6979

London Breed, District 5
Phone: (415) 554-7630
Fax: (415) 554-7634

David Chiu. District 3
Phone: (415) 554-7450
Fax: (415) 554-7454

Malia Cohen, District 10
Phone: (415) 554-7670
Fax: (415) 554-7674

Mark Farrell, District 2
Phone: (415) 554-7752
Fax: (415) 554-7843

Jane Kim, District 6
Phone: (415) 554-7970
Fax: (415) 554-7974

Katy Tang, District 4
Phone: (415) 554-7460
Fax: (415) 554-7432

Scott Wiener, District 8
Phone: (415) 554-6968
Fax: (415) 554-6909

David Campos, District 9
Phone: (415) 554-5144
Fax: (415) 554-6255

Eric Mar, District 1
Phone: (415) 554-7410
Fax: (415) 554-7415

Norman Yee, District 7
Phone: (415) 554-6516
Fax: (415) 554-6546