Endorsements Process

SFWPC Endorsements – Endorsement Process

Endorsements Primary Contact:

Lia Azul Salaverry
Endorsements & PAC Co-Chair

The SFWPC endorsement process

  • Questionnaires and interviews. Every candidate must fill out a questionnaire in order to be considered for an interview. The endorsement committee will review questionnaires and select candidates and ballot measure representatives that will be invited for interviews. If a candidate invited for an interview cannot attend on the date specified, a proxy may be sent in their place.
  • Endorsement committee recommendations. The endorsements committee is made up of board members and club members. The committee will vote to recommend candidates or positions on measures based on questionnaires and interview responses. Committee members affiliated with or employed by a certain campaign may participate in discussions but must abstain from the vote on that race. Committee recommendations are determined by simple majority of those present and eligible to vote for a particular race. Committee recommendations will be determined after interviews and will be communicated to candidates the following day. The committee’s recommended candidates and positions will be noted as such on the ballot provided to the general membership at the endorsement vote event (see www.facebook.com/SFWPC for dates and details).
  • General membership vote. The general membership vote determines which candidates and positions on measures will be endorsed by SFWPC. The ballot includes all candidates vying for a particular race; SFWPC Endorsement Committee vote recommendations are indicated in bold.

Only eligible SFWPC members can vote in the endorsement process. Eligible members must: 1) be current on their dues as of the endorsement vote event, and 2) have attended and signed in at three endorsement eligibility events prior to the vote event. Endorsement eligibility events will be listed at sfwpc.org. The vote event does not count towards the three-event requirement.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact Christine Randolphat christine@sfwpc.org.

Counting ballots and vote thresholds

For all ranked choice voting (RCV), two-candidate, and ballot measure races, a simple majority of the votes cast (50%+1) for that particular race is necessary to secure endorsement.

For single-choice, multiple-candidate races (College Board, School Board), the number of choices on the ballot will match the number of seats available. The highest vote-getter will receive the endorsement.

All ballots will be hand counted. Ballots will include one race per page to minimize chance of human error. We will use RCV for mayoral and supervisorial races. RCV races will be hand-counted using these procedures.

If the total number of votes cast in any particular race is less than 60% of the total number of votes cast overall, that race will not be eligible to receive the SFWPC endorsement.


We will notify campaigns of the results within 24 hours of the vote using the contact information provided on the questionnaire or info sheet. We will notify membership via email, social media, and on our website.

Only final endorsements are announced. Vote tallies are never released.

Endorsements Policy

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee stands for the rights of all women and girls — whether it be gender fluid, transgender, or cisgender. We also condemn the scare tactics frequently used against the transgender community by conservatives, as well as so-called “trans-exclusive radical feminists” or TERFs. The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee expects that all candidates who receive its endorsement support the rights of all women, and commit to unequivocally condemning transmisogyny and other oppressions.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee condemns negative campaigning, as it does suppresses female voter turnout. SFWPC will not engage in any negative campaigning, nor will it allow for its name to be used in negative political ads. Use of SFWPC’s names in attack ads, mailers, or other negative campaigning may result in revocation of the committee’s endorsement.