August 16, 2020

SFWPC’s November 2020 Endorsements

San Francisco Women’s Political Committee has completed our November 2020 endorsements process. For the past week, eligible SFWPC members cast their votes to endorse local, regional and statewide candidates and propositions. After compiling the results, we’re excited to announce SFWPC’s Official Endorsements for the November 2020 election:

San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

  • District 1: Marjan Philhour (sole endorsement)
  • District 3: Aaron Peskin (sole endorsement)
  • District 5: Vallie Brown (sole endorsement)
  • District 7: Myrna Melgar (sole endorsement)
  • District 9: Hillary Ronen (sole endorsement)
  • District 11: Ahsha Safai (sole endorsement)

City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees:

  • Shanell Williams
  • Tom Temprano
  • Aliya Chisti
  • Alan Wong

San Francisco Board of Education:

  • Jenny Lam
  • Kevine Boggess
  • Alida Fisher
  • Michelle Parker

BART Board of Directors:

  • District 7: Lateefah Simon (sole endorsement)
  • District 9: Bevan Duffy (sole endorsement)

San Francisco Propositions:

  • Prop A: Support (Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond)
  • Prop B: Support (Department of Sanitation and Streets Commission Charter Amendment)
  • Prop C: Support (Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies Charter Amendment)
  • Prop D: Support (Sheriff Oversight Charter Amendment)
  • Prop E: Support (Police Staffing Charter Amendment)
  • Prop F: Support (Business Tax Overhaul Charter Amendment)
  • Prop G: Support (Youth Voting in Local Elections Charter Amendment)
  • Prop H: Support (Neighborhood Commercial District Permitting)
  • Prop I:  Support (Real Estate Transfer Tax)
  • Prop J: Support (Parcel Tax for SFUSD)
  • Prop K: Support (Affordable Housing Authorization)
  • Prop L: Support (Excessive Compensation Tax)
  • Prop RR: Support (CalTrain Sales Tax)

California Statewide Propositions:

  • Prop 14: Support (Stem Cell and Medical Research)
  • Prop 15: Support (Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties)
  • Prop 16: Support (Affirmative Action)
  • Prop 17: Support (Voting Rights Restoration)
  • Prop 18: Support (Lower Voting Age in Primary and Special Elections)
  • Prop 19: Oppose (Amend Property Tax Rules)
  • Prop 20: Oppose (Authorization of Felony Classification for Certain Misdemeanors)
  • Prop 21: Support (Residential Rent Control)
  • Prop 22: Oppose (Employment Classification for App-Based Drivers)
  • Prop 23: Support (Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics)
  • Prop 24: Support (Expand Consumer Data Privacy Laws)
  • Prop 25: Support (End Cash Bail)

2020 Endorsements by San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Slate FPPC ID# 1342335


Past Endorsements:

SFWPC’s Official March 2020 Endorsements

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee

Assembly District 17
Kristen Asato-Webb
Vallie Brown
Tyra Fennell
Peter Gallotta
Frances Hsieh
Austin Hunter
Anabel Ibañez
Jane Kim
Honey Mahogany
Rafael Mandelman
Sophie Maxwell
Hillary Ronen
Shamann Walton
Shanell Williams

Assembly District 19
Kelly Akemi Groth
Mary Jung
Leah LaCroix
Janice Li
Suzy Loftus
Gordon Mar
Faauuga Moliga
Nadia Rahman
Mano Raju
Cyn Wang

San Francisco Superior Court Judge

Seat 1
Maria Evangelista

Seat 18
Dorothy Chou Proudfoot

Seat 21
Kulvindar “Rani” Singh

State Assembly & Senate

State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting

State Senate
Scott Wiener

Ballot Measures (Local and State)

Prop A – Community College Bond – Yes
Prop B – Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond – Yes
Prop C – Retiree Health Benefits – Yes
Prop D – Excise Tax on Keeping Commercial Property Vacant – Yes
Prop E – Limits on Office Development – Yes

Prop 13 – School and College Facilities Bond – Yes

2020 Endorsements by San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Slate FPPC ID# 1342335

SFWPC’s Official 2019 Endorsements

Thank you to everyone who came out to vote last night. The votes are in and we have officially endorsed for all positions in the November 2019 Ballot. Keep an eye on your inbox as we get closer to the election for future opportunities to get involved, support local candidates and measures, and stay involved in SFWPC.

Local Candidates

Mayor: London Breed

District Attorney: Suzy Loftus

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera

Public Defender: Manohar Raju

Sheriff: Paul Miyamoto

Treasurer: José Cisneros

Community College Board of Trustees: Ivy Lee

Board of Education: Jenny Lam

District 5 Supervisor: Vallie Brown

Local Ballot Measures: 

Prop A – Affordable Housing Bond: Yes

Prop B – Department of Disability and Aging Services: ​ Yes

Prop C – Vapor Products: No

Prop D – Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax: Yes

Prop E – Affordable Housing and Educator Housing: Yes

Prop F – Campaign Contributions and Campaign Advertisements: Yes

August 12

 San Francisco Women’s Political Committee PAC recommendations for the November 2019 Election

This weekend, our Political Action/Endorsement Committee interviewed candidates and deliberated ballot initiatives at the local level. As the election shapes up, we are encouraged by the quality of the candidates throwing their hats into the ring. After giving candidates and representatives an opportunity to share their thoughts and meet with the committee, we are excited to provide our recommendations below and invite you to vote on Thursday. For our thoughts on certain recommendations, please read our PAC statements below. 

Local Candidate Recommendations: 

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera

Public Defender: Manohar Raju

Sheriff: Paul Miyamoto

Treasurer: José Cisneros

Board of Education: Jenny Lam*

Community College Board of Trustees : Ivy Lee

Local Ballot Measure Recommendations: 

Prop A- Affordable Housing Bond: Yes

Prop B – Department of Disability and Aging Services:​ Yes

Prop C – Vapor Products:  No*

Prop D -Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax: Yes*

Prop E – Affordable Housing and Educator Housing: Yes

Prop F – Campaign Contributions and Campaign Advertisements: Yes

****Please note: SFWPC has already endorsed in the Mayor, District Attorney and District 5 Supervisor races****

Note: Our full membership will vote on measures and candidates for the November 2019 ballot on August 15 at Pause Wine Bar from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

2019 PAC Recommendation Statements: 

Board of Education – Sole Recommendation for Jenny Lam

While SFWPC always seeks to elevate and support women running for office, the SFWPC PAC recommends a sole endorsement of Jenny Lam for Board of Education. We appreciate the passion and ideas of the other two candidates in the race, and hope to see more of them in the future, but Jenny Lam’s education background and extensive experience in coalition building makes her the clear choice for the Board of Education seat. 

Prop C- E-cigarettes/Vapor Products Ordinance – No 

SFWPC is happy to stand in solidarity with the US Surgeon General, American Cancer Society, the CDC and WHO in denouncing nicotine consumption in any format for women and children. According to the CDC, more women die of lung cancer than any other cancer in the U.S. Women who use oral contraception as their form of birth control and smoke nicotine are at higher risk of negative health effects like blood clots.  SFWPC is committed to promoting the health and wellness of women. 

We are sensitive to the argument that adults should be able to make personal choices that may negatively impact their health, even if others disagree with those choices. We are also sensitive to the argument that it may not be an appropriate role for city government to restrict adult access to harmful, but legal, products.

However, we do believe that city government has a compelling interest in protecting children. In 2018, the membership of SFWPC voted to support Proposition E, which banned the sale of flavored tobacco products citywide. A stated reason for our support was that flavored tobacco products were marketed to look like candy products specifically targeted to children, including e-cigarette products. Proposition E was enacted with over 68% of voters in support of the flavored tobacco ban. 

The recent report released by the City’s ballot simplification committee stating that this proposition, if approved by voters, could overturn the e-cigarette regulations in Proposition E and ban the Board of Supervisors from enacting another such ban on flavored e-cigarettes, is alarming. Given their past behavior and marketing campaigns, we find it difficult to believe that JUUL, or any other e-cigarette company, would elect to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products citywide were they not compelled to do so. 

Because this proposition was placed on the ballot via circulated petition, it cannot be changed; it must be voted up or down, as it is. The SFWPC political action committee recommends a “no” vote on this measure.  

 Prop DTax on Net Rider Fares Ordinance – Yes 

The SFWPC PAC recommends endorsing Prop D, but not without a few reservations. Without any stipulation as to how companies will come up with this increased business tax, we have a specific concern for the negative financial impact on female riders who depend on these services out of personal safety. We also cannot be sure of the actual effect, if any, it has on its goal for road decongestion. However, the SFWPC PAC does recognize and support SF Muni improvements for women who depend on public transport in the city. We also acknowledge the need for more SF Muni buses and drivers. Therefore, we recommend an endorsement of this measure in hopes that it positively impacts public transport without adverse side effects.

July 3

 San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Announces Endorsement of Vallie Brown for District 5 Supervisor

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee is proud to announce their sole endorsement of Supervisor Vallie Brown in the District 5 Supervisor’s race.

A longtime neighborhood activist with over two decades of community service, Brown has also served as a legislative aide to two former District 5 Supervisors. In her decade of service inside City Hall, Brown has advocated for and delivered tangible results on issues near and dear to District 5 residents — including affordable housing, childcare, public safety, transportation and education. Since her appointment to the seat by Mayor London Breed, Brown has also hit the ground running on fighting for women’s rights. 

 “Supervisor Brown has authored numerous pieces of legislation prioritizing gender equity since taking office,” says SFWPC PAC Co-Chair Sharon Chung. “We are especially pleased that the Supervisor has brought together SFWPC and various other women’s groups along with the Board of Supervisors to unanimously limit the city from doing business with states that have abortion bans.”

Supervisor Brown’s demonstrated leadership and advocacy for reproductive healthcare is just one of the many reasons for SFWPC’s support. 

 “It has long been common knowledge in our D5 neighborhoods that, whenever you needed something in the community addressed, you called Vallie Brown,” says SFWPC PAC Co-Chair and D5 resident Jen Longley. “It is rare in local politics that such a respected community advocate is given the opportunity to become a Supervisor, and we are proud that we are standing with her today. ”

Brown has been instrumental in several high profile efforts, including crafting legislation creating San Francisco’s first Vehicle Navigation Center, co-sponsoring legislation to mandate a day of awareness honoring missing and murdered indigenous women and creating the city’s first Office of Racial Equity, and securing $40 million to help renters stay in their homes through the City’s “small sites” acquisition program. 

 For more information about SFWPC, please visit http://www.sfwpc.org. 


March 1, 2019

San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Early Endorses
Mayor London Breed

Today, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) announced its early endorsement of Mayor London Breed in the November 5, 2019 election. SFWPC’s early endorsement is a strong statement reflecting the organization’s overwhelming support of the policies and actions taken by Mayor Breed to address the challenges facing San Francisco.

“In just seven months since she has taken office, Mayor Breed has made a difference in our city, making progress on the challenges of building more shelters and mental health beds for homeless residents, speeding up the process of building more housing, cleaning up our streets, expanding paid internships through Opportunities for All, and creating a safer city for all of us,” stated Lia Azul Salaverry, Co-President of SFWPC.

“I am humbled and appreciative of SFWPC’s early and strong endorsement. The women of SFWPC are leaders on the front line of our continued battle for equal rights and policies that further gender parity. I’m so proud to have their support,” stated Mayor London Breed.

“As an organization committed to encouraging and supporting women’s engagement in the political process, we are extremely proud and honored to early endorse Mayor Breed, a strong female Mayor of color and a role model for women in San Francisco, California, and across our nation,” stated Kelly Akemi Groth, Co-President of SFWPC. “Mayor Breed continues to demonstrate her commitment to advancing gender parity in her decisions to appoint qualified women to leadership positions.”

SFWPC, established in 2002, is the largest women’s organization in San Francisco, comprised of women of all ages and political parties. SFWPC endorses female and male candidates, as well as ballot initiatives, and produces the only women’s slate card in San Francisco. SFWPC advocates at all levels of government for policy improvements that support gender equality and cultivate partnerships with other women’s organizations.

For more information please visit www.sfwpc.org.


February 1, 2019

San Francisco Women’s Political Committee Announces Early Endorsement of Loftus for District Attorney

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee is proud to announce their early and sole endorsement of Suzy Loftus, candidate for San Francisco District Attorney.

A former board member of SFWPC and community leader in criminal justice reform, Loftus has served as a prosecutor in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, General Counsel to the office of the Attorney General, former COO of the Bayview Center for Youth Wellness and President of the San Francisco Police Commission. Throughout her two decades of service in San Francisco, Loftus has been strong advocate for women and children.

“Suzy has worked to prevent domestic violence and elder abuse, improve public safety, and end the cycle of violence and incarceration for families” said SFWPC Co-President Lia Azul Salaverry. “Suzy has been a champion of our organization’s values and goals throughout her legal career, and we are honored to support her candidacy for District Attorney.”

Loftus’ demonstrated leadership, deep roots in the community and vision for a safe and just San Francisco are among the reasons for SFWPC’s early and sole support.

While serving in the DA’s office with then-DA Kamala Harris, she helped pioneer the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program and focused on domestic violence cases- working with survivors on improvements to victim services. Alongside CA Attorney General Kamala Harris, Loftus created a statewide program on Implicit Bias and trained law enforcement throughout the state. As President of the San Francisco Police Commission, she adopted new policies to improve Domestic Violence investigations, led mandates to clear the backlog of untested sexual assault kits, reformed the city’s use of force policy, and instituted the use of body cameras for police.

“In a growing field of aspirants, Suzy’s proven progressive record and deep connection to San Francisco communities are second to none” continued Salaverry. “We are proud to join Senators Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Mayor London Breed, and BART Board Director Lateefah Simon in standing with our SFWPC sister Suzy Loftus in her race for San Francisco District Attorney.”

For more information about SFWPC, please visit www.sfwpc.org.


SFWPC November 2018 Endorsements

SFWPC is proud to announce our official endorsed candidates and measures for the November 2018 Election!
Thank you to all of the candidates, campaign representatives, and members who were involved in this process.

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our November endorsement process. Please see the below official endorsements of the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee, for both state and local candidates and measures.

Local Candidates

District 2 Supervisor
Catherine Stefani #1
Schuyler Hudak #2

District 4 Supervisor
Gordon Mar

District 6 Supervisor
Matt Haney

District 8 Supervisor
Rafael Mandelman

District 10 Supervisor
Shamann Walton

Board of Education
Alison Collins
Monica Chinchilla
Li Miao Lovett

Community College Board of Trustees
Thea Selby (Early endorsed)
Brigitte Davila
Dr. Victor Olivieri

Public Defender
Jeff Adachi

Carmen Chu

BART Board of Directors, District 8
Janice Li

Local Ballot Measures

Prop A Embarcadero Seawall Earthquake Safety Bond – Yes

Prop B Privacy First Policy – Yes

Prop C Our City, Our Home – Yes

Prop D San Francisco Marijuana Business Tax Increase – Yes

Prop E Hotel Tax Reallocation for Arts and Culture – Yes

Statewide Candidates

Gavin Newsom

Lieutenant Governor
Eleni Kounalakis

Secretary of State
Alex Padilla

Betty Yee

Fiona Ma

Attorney General
Xavier Becerra

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tony Thurmond

Board of Equalization, District 2
Malia Cohen

State Assembly, District 17
David Chiu

State Assembly, District 19
Phil Ting

State Ballot Measures

Prop 1 Housing Programs and Veterans’ Home Loans Bonds – Yes

Prop 2 Homelessness Prevention Bonds – Yes

Prop 3 Water Project and Environmental Bonds – Yes

Prop 4 Children’s Hospitals Bonds – Yes

Prop 5 Expands Prop 13 for Seniors – No

Prop 6 Repeals Road Repair Act – No

Prop 7 Permanent Daylight Savings Time – Yes

Prop 8 Dialysis Clinics Pricing Cap – Yes

Prop 10 Repeals Restriction on Local Governments Enacting Rent Control – Yes

Prop 11 Legalizing Requiring Ambulance Workers to Remain on Call During Paid Breaks – No

Prop 12 Bans Sale of Meat from Animals Confined in Spaces Below Specific Sizes – Yes

SFWPC Endorsement Process

Full details of how our endorsements process works is explained here.

Interested in serving on our endorsements committee? Come to one of our events and sign up at the sign in table, or email info@sfwpc.org and indicate why you’re interested. (Must be or become a member to be considered.)

Vote Eligibility

To be eligible to vote at the endorsement event, members must:

  1. Be current on their dues as of the endorsement vote event.

  2. Have attended and signed in at three endorsement eligibility events in the preceding twelve months prior to the general membership endorsement meeting. Eligible events include meetings of SFWPC programs, events, Board and committee meetings, fundraisers, and other activities as the Board deems suitable. Attendance at the Endorsement Committee meeting where members are seeking an endorsement does NOT count as an eligible event. Members must sign in to be counted and will be responsible for ensuring their names are on the sign in sheet.

Endorsement eligibility events will be listed at sfwpc.org. The vote event does not count towards the three-event requirement.