SFWPC 2021 Board Slate

UPDATE: We are excited to share that the full proposed slate was elected by the SFWPC membership! Stay tuned to get to know more about each member as we share profiles over the coming weeks.

We are thrilled to share our 2021 Board slate with our community. We have an ambitious set of goals for 2021, and this dynamic team brings deep expertise in local politics, specific policy and legal areas, fundraising, organizing, community management, and more. We also want to invite you to reach out if you are interested in volunteering with SFWPC. There are opportunities to help with events, communications, and other activities. To finalize our 2021 Board team, a virtual ballot will be emailed to all eligible members later this week. 


Co-Presidents: Sharon Chung* and Nadia Rahman
Treasurer: Lily Li
PAC Co-Chairs: Gabriela Jimenez* and Urvi Nagrani 
Fundraising Chair: Gillian Pressman
Policy Co-Chairs: Kathryn Angotti and Megan Imperial*
Membership Co-Chairs: Tyra Fennell and Lauren Roger*
Events Co-Chairs: Zahra Hajee and Linda Liu*
Communications Co-Chairs: Denise Heitzenroder* and Danisha Lomax
Parliamentarian: Amber Bissell 
At-Large Board Members: Kim Castle, Jennifer Longley*, and Amy Pineda
* = Current or prior SFWPC Board Chairs or members

In order to be eligible to vote, members must have attended three or more SFWPC events in the last 12 months and be current on their dues. If you’d like to inquire about your membership status, please email Lauren Roger at lauren@sfwpc.org.

Once confirmed, eligible members will receive a link to their personalized digital ballot from Election Runner – a secure, cloud-based voting platform – via email. Voting will be live from 9am Friday, February 19th until 8pm PST Sunday, February 21st.